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Author Comments

Simply build three fruit together, in an L-shape, pointing any way- up or down, left or right. The third fruit then morphs into another fruit and the first two just disappear. Awesome! This new fruit stays around until you form another two just like it to make a new threesome. The third fruit then changes into yet another fruit or maybe even a vegetable. Try this yet again and, yes, there's more!
Stars shine to reward you.

Twenty three levels in all. A fruit salad.

Build three fruit all over the place, fill up the fruit board.
Try not to block your path to glory. Approach each level with caution. You can run out of room - you may need to restart.

It is possible - just persevere. No worries- just go for a walk, eat a piece of real fruit and start from the beginning.You can do it. Believe in yourself.

You place 3 brokerly next to each other to make 1 pineapples. And then 3 pineapples next to each other makes 1 oranges. And then you make 3 oranges next to each other makes 1 banana. and so on.

make highest number of fruit.

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I remember checking this out closer to it's initial version, and I am excited to see that the game functions well, the design is charming, and the story is cute and fun. You have definitely brought this up to a solid 3.5/5 keep working on this and continuing to improve it. This work will help towards making greater and larger scaled games. I'd love to continue seeing you work with this stop motion style!

I like the unique stop-motion amnimation in this game, it's really charming and works really well.

The gameplay isn't much, it's really simple.

For a first game, this is really good.

This is a good concept, but the programming needs fixing. sometimes, it won't register when you have three fruits.

There are things I really love about this game, and things I really hate. Let's begin with what I love. First and foremost, the claymation. The beauty lies in it's simplicity, the fact that these cheery, lighthearted animations were created by hand is just great, you don't see quirky things like this often, and it's nice to see change for once. You definitely could have made Next, I love the concept. It isn't quite a new and innovative puzzle game that completely warps your mind and creates the next trend of puzzle games, but it's intelligent and almost chess-like, where you're planning a few moves ahead. The presentation in terms of visuals, and the concept of the game are great.

Now let's get to the icky stuff. First off, why am I playing this game? Where's my reward for all this? Where's the stimulus? All that happens is a new fruit appears, and it counts it for me in the corner. That's it. No goal is presented, no premise, no incentive whatsoever, just keep making more fruit. The levels never change, or if they do, I wasn't inclined to play more than 20 minutes to find out. The lack of variety or real challenge is bad, but the final nail in the coffin is the lack of any sound at all. I often criticize games for having repetitive loops of music or bad sound effects but no sound at all? It only hampers the already un-exciting experience.

Ultimately, I give this game 2 stars for nice and fresh animation styles and clever concept, but must leave it at that for lack of any sane reason to play this at all, zero variety aside from fruits changing, and no audio.

LaptopMousePad responds:

This, this is so helpful. This is my first game. I got to learn so much.
You are right a game isn't just a game mechanic and nice icons. It needs motivation. at lest more than a dumb challenge.
It does need sound.
this isn't entertaining.
And I do feel you are just doing the same actions over again.
it is a un-exciting experience. And yeah I wouldn't spend 20 minutes playing it now. though you could.

I'll spend 1 more day on it.
I'll add sound And change some stuff. I'll try adding a story or some reason why you need to build fruit. if not more entertaining experience.
Thank you. most thoughtful comment I have seen on new grounds.

This game plays so much smoother than your other one. I find that this version with the L shapes to be more fun than the lines of 3. Also, I find it much better that the fruits automatically become the next stage instead of forcing me to click on them to match them. This means that I no longer get frustrated when I accidentally click on a match I'm trying to make. The art-style is also great.

Credits & Info

2.34 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2017
1:14 AM EDT