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Action cartoon y 2D hand drawn animation.

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A bunch of monkey-like peoples just monkeying around huh. :) It was fun to watch! Smooth animation and funky music; color to go with it. When you say hand drawn btw, do you mean actual hand-drawn drawings made digital? Or drawn digitally, by hand, with a tablet or similar? Either way it's nicely done, though if it's the traditional way: all the more impressive! Nice work.


LUCA-FATTORE responds:

Hi and thank you for the positive message.

By hand drawn I meant drawn digitally, by hand, with a Cintiq monitor.

Firstly this is beautifully animated.
Secondly how did you animate this?

LUCA-FATTORE responds:

Thank you for the compliment.
The animation technique is 2D hand drawn, using the "TV-Paint" software.