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The game "SWITCH or NOT?" is designed to tell you about the logical elements (logic gates) and the principle of their work. All logic problems are constructed in such a way that gradually increasing the complexity, to introduce you the world of computer logic. The idea is switching on/off the gates to activate the last item. Logic elements are included if the logical condition is observed. What? All different and depends on the type of logical element. If the item is enabled, it produces an output signal which in turn is supplied to the input of the next gate, thus enabling or disabling it. The gates are single-or multiple inputs and single output. A logic element with one input is "NO". If the input has no signal, it turns on, but is only to give him the input signal, it immediately turns off. In the game there are elements with two inputs: "AND", "OR", "XOR". "AND" (square) is enabled if BOTH its input signals in all other cases it is disabled. "OR" (triangle) is enabled if AT LEAST ONE of its inputs has a signal. "XOR" (rhombus) is enabled if ONLY ONE input has a signal. Controlling the input signals by means of switches is your aim. All these elements are linked in one chain and for activating the last logic element you should toggle switches or not.

Features "SWITCH or NOT?":
- 72 logic problems designed to develop your IQ, memory and intelligence
- stylish and minimalistic design combined with intuitive controls
- addictive gameplay, where each brainstorming ends with a shout of Eureka!
- brilliantly-designed logic puzzle with multiple solutions
- ideal for people who love intelligence and IQ games

If you like smart games and logic puzzles or you need brain teasers and memory development, if the words intelligence, memory and logic much meaning to you, then this game is for you.

Also avilable on:

GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.robinblood.switchornot


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This is a fun puzzle game based on digital logic. I personally found the vast majority of the puzzles to be easy (could solve them without resetting and in reasonable amount of time), but this is an excellent introduction to digital logic. The real game, for me, started with the introduction of latches and some amount of feedback. I can see future levels having shift registers, state machines, and other more complicated, but useful circuits as puzzles.

Played all the way through the regular 83 levels, had a good time; 'bad' levels (those that just required you to ignore the majority of the level to solve) went by quick enough and weren't common enough to be a bother.

The space invaders game mode wasn't quite my speed, though it does act as a bit of a time attack mode. The things I didn't particularly care for were that, for a time attack mode, the goal isn't clear from the start of the level; the location (except for the first wave), density, and enemy type aren't knowable until they show up on screen, which isn't always enough time for circuit changes to propagate through. This means that, except for the intro levels, I had to restart (what I felt was) too often just because enemies appeared unexpectedly and one slipped through. To be clear, the criticism is that some amount of prior knowledge is required.