Original Series: Recollection - Symbol Savior Episode 3

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PLOT: After Carlos and Cameron have reached his Carlos's dad, it is now time to wait and see what new issues will erupt.

Music Credits:

- Laura Shigihara's "Everything's Alright" | Cover for Markiplier 6 Million Sub Tribute
- Suddenly - Emi Jones Ft. Charles Ritz
- Royalty free
- Fight Music - Fight Me If You Can


Episode 1: Colorless - 100% COMPLETE
Episode 2: Lash - 100% COMPLETE
Episode 3: Recollection - 100% COMPLETE
Episode 4: N/A
Episode 5: N/A
Episode 6: (Season Finale): N/A

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Wow this is really good! I like the story and the music fit perfectly. And I like the animation style too.

This isn’t a review, but I couldn’t find a way to comment on a review that another member left. But anyway, RaidenSlicer (the first reviewer) seems like a prick. Who writes that much of a negative review? Get over yourself

The characters look like they were made in MS paint with very little movement. I can't take the plot seriously with that music, the fact that very little movement is there just makes it feel like some webcomic (this would've been much better as a webcomic) Characters look like an edgy-emo joke in my opinion with the scars and different eye-colors. Hair on the characters look pretty bad, like the child's character. The only time the animation was actually pretty acceptable was when the father's eyes had widened. Side-views like the one on the mother look terrible, the height difference between the nose and the eye is h u g e. You try too hard to make super dark and serious but again, it just seems like some fourteen year old's way to 'express themselves.' Artstyle is also inconsistent, back to the side-views, that little style with the straight line, and then you jerk the line to the right, and make it curve downwards, that's fine (not perfect like what you did with the mom) but why switch? In the beginning the nose stuck out (which looked better) like normal. This new nose makes characters look like aliens, it's pretty funny, like at 7:45. It just seems like a try-hard attempt at an anime, shading that removes half the face, the 'serious' tone, and more. The art is so terrible at times, the wrinkly messy lines with the legs and feet, its like you barely spent time. This Animation is a pure example that this is quantity over quality. Samuel's hair is also not on point, from being this square-like thing, it goes to becoming this anime-character bowl-thingy. The amount of no detail such as those connected-fingers make it look dumb, along with that white guy with the simple smiley face, that's not creepy, that's pretty funny.

Overall, it's a generic anime-rip-off that tries to be dark. It has many cliches with evil pale/black skinned people, changing eyes, and laser swords. The story is edgy and is like what a 14 year old would write in his journal, and the art lacks a lot in quality. It extremely poor and is a great example of when creator's choose quantity, or quality.

OhMazingTube responds:

Thank you for your response! I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy this, and in full honesty, if you didn't like it, that is perfectly fine with me. I am trying my absolute hardest to improve on my art style. You said mostly negative things in this, when I'm obviously struggling to find out what I can do to make the styles work (And even if you didn't like it, you don't have to be that grouchy about it, lol. You try working on an animation for 2 months straight xD). Saying that the up-close parts of the animation looked the best is ridiculous, because in my opinion, those looked the worse (Which gives me more reasons to believe that you're just hating simply to be negative). I looked at some of your latest favorite movies, and the things that you watch look worse than mine, lol, so I don't even know what point you're trying to get across. The music thing that you mentioned was stupid, and you know it was, lol. Music adds depth to animation, which is something you might not understand considering the types of animations you watch. So, you're going to have to give me more reasons to why you, "think" it's not a good choice. There was sad music at sad parts, and dark music at dark parts; what else do you want? In animation when you work constantly, your art style is going to change periodically; that's just how things works. Saying that this looks like it's made in MS paint is a little over the top... because if you look at other people's animation with similar styles, I'm sure you wouldn't say that. In full honesty, you might just be hating on this simply just to hate on it, because some of the things that you stated aren't even relevant to this animation, which is fine, because there are people like that/you who do exist. However, I know I tried hard on this, and no one is forcing you to watch my content. So, if you wish to leave, you may do so. There are a lot of people out there who enjoy my content, and if you are one that doesn't, then I will try to improve it to the best of my ability. All in all, I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for watching. :)

Hey i found your NG!

If I could rate this a 10 I would... damn damn damn..... all I can say is wow A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! This hit a really special part of me, so beautiful and moving. An amazing story line...... but damnit it made me cry! lol Thank you for sharing this. :)

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2.52 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2017
7:54 PM EDT