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Screwit EX: The Demo

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Author Comments

*UPDATE* If you are having loading issues or errors, try refreshing the page. If the issue persists please contact me.
Working on fixing this bug asap.
Issue seems to be only in Firefox based browsers, works flawlessly on Chrome. Thank You.

First submission. Woot!

Use arrow keys to move and space bar to interact
You can also use your mouse to move and interact.

Screwit EX is an upcoming open world/dimension game made by yours truly, KingCringe. Full game will be free to play.

Not going to lay heavy into the plot just yet, and going to leave a lot for the imagination.

I will listen to fans. Every suggestion, idea, and insight you guys give me I will take to heart.

Big thanks to GenRen for allowing me to use his track Electric Velcro on the title menu.

If you would like to collaborate, message me.

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You know you got my support, love seeing my music in movies and games on NG.
But that aside I can't be biased when reviewing works submitted to NG.

Music did take awhile to load on the title, like awhile. I went and got a cup of coffee and came back the music was just starting.
The rest of the game was pure silence, except for towards the end where there was a few sound effects. I insisted that you use

The working in the 2 rooms got old fast. I understand it was a build up to the finale of the demo, but l got tired of it after 10 times.
People don't care about working in video games, they just don't want it to seem like real work.

What kept me going through it all was the dialogue. Especially when you talk to the other worker in the 2nd room again, that right there was a brow raiser, but it was pretty one dimensional seeing as your character talks to the red eye but doesn't acknowledge or talk back to the guy on the otherside of the hole.

I also like the "twists" you added in at the end that sets you up for a lot. Brings your mind back to the rooms and creates a much larger picture of what that place is and how the MC ends up there, but going from the rooms to that place was very bland(A nice transition and change of bgm would have set the tone perfectly)

The credits, oh man the credits. Made me want to play it again so I could read them all, but then I thought about earning 50₪.

I would definitely play the full version and help you on a full fledged soundtrack,

As a story, it's a little choppy and awkward. The introduction seems very abrupt when styled as a statement like that, and the last part seems very disconnected from the first two rooms (despite the '10 years earlier' text). Perhaps if there was a better transition between the first part and the last room, and more care/creativity with the writing in order to set the scene, things would feel more cohesive. As it is, the story is more of a flat statement than a narrative. The player understands what is happening, but isn't really drawn in or engaged.

However, it was an interesting environment set up in the first little bit, and I dig the sci-fi type 'your purpose is to work/you are a number' oppression. That being said, having to repeat the same action 50 times to progress the game was unnecessarily repetitive. Also, the credits say there's supposed to be music, but for me there was no sound at all (music or otherwise). I reloaded after the first play through, and still no sound. I checked to be sure it wasn't a problem on my end, and it's not.

There's a framework here for something with potential. With the right attention to detail and some work, there could be a decent game here.

george washinggton could chop down a cherry tree. Too bad he can't make a game that actually loads!!!!

KingCringe responds:

Loaded pretty quickly for me, even used an uncached tab just for the benefit of the doubt because I had uploaded an updated version to fix a bug. Still loaded fine, even while torrenting.

The Game itself is just under 28 Megabytes, so far the only issue I could see is you having a poor internet connection.

Private message me with your device specs and internet speed and maybe we can chop your cherry tree down together.

Got a chance to speak one on one with DongWiener, cool individual.
The loading error at hand was a browser based issue which is being looked into.

Thank you DongWiener for your humorous yet helpful feedback.

screw this shit... jk its gud gaime lul

KingCringe responds:


a bit too lengthy just to start off, especially when its just to leave your room. also i got an error once i left the 2nd room so you might wanna fix that. it was a Failed to load: img/characters/People1.png error

2 stars for humerus dialogue

KingCringe responds:

Thank you so much for pointing that out for me this early.
Missing file error has been fixed.

Ironic you had mentioned the progression as that was the last room you had to do that in.
The ₪ earning will not be the main focus of the full game but just a minor(very insignificant) part, the room beyond that would have brought things together and I do hope you get a chance to play again so you can experience it.

Thanks again for the awesome feedback.

Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2017
7:47 PM EDT