Indie Apocalypse Tycoon

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Try to survive Indie Apocalypse.

Earn 1000 instant noodle soup in 365 days to prove everyone you are a part of this industry!

Social drama.

Eat, outsource, #uck with code!
But never give up.

Art by Oleg Okunev
Music by migueljl


not bad, the randomness is really fun

the con side: i had 70 motivation and 350 noodles but i just suddenly failed and had to start over for no reason? If there is a time limit...MENTION IT! This unexplained and sudden GAME OVER is really bad... had fun and that just killed it for me. So it'S a nice game but due to the force quit just a 3/5

OMG this game
ok for startes the game is challenging if you ge tthis on the first try your one lucky son if a bitch becuase i need at least 20 trise befor i got everthing i need to know in my head
second this game has a good and slightly inuportperty sens of humoer that i love you dpnt dee alt of games lie this so this is a hidden gem
finly this game is a good paced game and i did not run into any bugs playing thur it

The only thing i hve not been able to do is bye the Ip for one millone noodles but idk of you can do that

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After an eternity 9f tryi g to scroll the game, i realized theres no real click function in the game, and anytime u ou press the click 5he screen even when theres a massive picture up, your clicking the locations behind. I found it u playable because of this.

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Mute button

Great art and humor kept me playing long enough to learn what I had to do. I'm sure I'm not getting the most out of the CON, but I tried my best to dig into it.

Stuck gamer? Try these little tidbits I discovered.-

Noodles is money, you're going to need it to buy stuff/hire people. You get more by going to office. Office mostly will crush your Motivation.

The Bar raises your motivation. Costs though. Quite a few encounters here can cost you that girlfriend. If you see a stripper by bus stop = good, dog =bad.

Whenever you see the bearded guy on map by your house, go there. He will either help you make the game, or bum a food off you. Always worth the risk. GF can help make you happy sometimes.

The Publishers I ignore, until you get 100% Progress.

The more Art/Music you get, the more value when you sell.

Sometimes its not so bad to get things like 'YOU GET THE IDEA FOR SHOOTER ELEMENTS" because it adds to your value while taking away your progress slightly.

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3.22 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2017
1:07 PM EDT
Simulation - Job