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I was wondering what is the scariest costume you can out on this Halloween and I came up with this idea. Apparently not only monsters are scary these days :D

Special thanks to Iamsteve for VA

Anyway, have a killer Halloween!

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Now that was scary.
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh Glob...


At first I didn't want to judge this, because I hate responsibilities. But the video is scary, those costumes are cheap for everyone, can be totally true, and best of all, is short.

Kubbs responds:

Yeah, responsibilities are dumb. I want to be kid again :|

Lol, so true =) Damn, those apparently "creepy" zombie and vampire costumes ain't nothin' in comparation to those ;D

Great work on this, you two! The art style with this bit of voice acting was on point ;)

Kubbs responds:

Haha, thanks a lot!