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Author Comments

The planet Altron is under attack. Ground forces have been deployed against our bases. These bases must be defended at all costs.

Tap on the towers to build, upgrade or sell towers.

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no ability upgrade redo and difficultly spike to impossible on easy if someone choose easy it is because an EASY play through. very limited choice of building towers and graphics are ripped off star wars for basic click bait. 1.5 was generous in my opinion all in all this is very poor effort!!! you can do better switch the cones with anything a star or a square box would be good and you are using the most notable icon for any star wars game......an AT-ST the standard unit featured in almost every stars wars game and movie. if that is not click bait for a star wars fan I don't know what is....good advertising scheme though but still a bad game.

Assuming the developer is just getting started making games, this is a good start. The graphics are nice, but as others wrote it needs a bit more polish. Sound effects are a bit weak, and it's lacking some of the feedback we're accustomed to in games of this type.

Also, the towers take a long time to build (and you can only build one at a time), which slows down the game. And when you rush the next wave, it doesn't rush the towers that are being built, nor does it give you the cash bonus that you typically get in other games.

I died on the final wave on the third or 4th level, and just didn't feel like trying again.

i agree with previous reviews. also for the upgrades, i clicked one time just to see what "field gun" even meant and accidentally purchased the upgrade. you dont explain anything and there really isnt any strategy implicit when we dont know what we are buying but still potentially waste money just by trying to find out.
once ive purchased an upgrade, clicking on it again purchases the next level of that upgrade. the field gun on its 2nd upgrade seems to be worse than the basic gatling gun in every way, and takes longer to build. this game just doesnt really make very much sense
on level 3, the enemies just walk straight up to the base and dont even follow any reasonable path to get there. how am i supposed to place towers when the enemies appear right next to my base regardless? i literally put a tower in every space and every single enemy still made it past without taking a hit.
did you play test this ?

I would not uses cones, maybe a shovle and a dude next to it or a crane or whatever but a cone seems a bit off, else it is not too bad, See also RemileOuden's review

I'll give this game 3,5 stars. Reasons:
1. Vague map. It's hard to tell what routes are possible for enemies tot take, and since you can only build one tower at time, and building takes some time, it's hard to make a strategy and you can end in building useless towers
2. There is definitely a time gap between target hit and it's health drop, wich makes towers waste unnecessary time shooting at enemies that should have 0 health by that moment
3. No database on towers, enemies, no plot after initial intro

Could've been much better

quickeasygames responds:

Thanks for taking the time to comment on the game ... I appreciate your feedback.

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2017
7:48 AM EDT