Proelium (stop motion animation)

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In every conflict, there are two sides. None of them are specifically wrong or right. They are just incapable of seeing each other's perspective. When these two opposites clash, the only real victims are the ones that never wanted to fight in the first place.
The two main characters were based on the jugendstil and futurism movement.
I made this short movie together with Suriya Siero, Marvin Dophemont and Loïs Westra

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Ah, I have a weakness for good stuff like this. Also, this is totally my family. I have to live at home with my elderly parents as an autistic adult, with no way to escape or work, and no financial means, and it has yet to stop. (SSI is a sick damn joke) Although my dad did finally get his hearing checked after 20 years of us running screaming and crying from the room because he wouldn't stop yelling for hours, begging him to get his hearing checked and to stop terrifying us with his powerful lungs and voice.

The metal golem-man/father figure was my favorite, he was the prettiest! I am partial to that color. But the cream landscape was BEAUTIFUL. And the poor kiddly! ;O I think though, that the end was not what I expected. I expected the child to intervene, or maybe the parents to stop and finally pay attention to what they were doing to the child. but, they never really do, do they, no matter how loud you scream. Beautiful little story. I like Silents, and have a long-established weakness for good Stop-Motion.

Excellent animation, cool characters and great symbolic story line that can be viewed as metaphor for anything including World, War, Nature vs Technology, Faith vs Science, Feminine vs Masculine, Divorce, different Religions conflicting and many other things.

I liked the use of arches and more arches. I do not know if you wanted to pass this idea, but the appearance of the first art was in a period of peace and that's why the character is delicate, I also liked the representation of her singing that reminds a lot of the time before World War I; already the male character is somewhat aggressive as the futuristic movement. In my opinion, the animation aims to demonstrate the consequences of the fights of couples with regard to the children.

Haven't written a review on NG for ages, but I just had to. I really like stop motion animation and this one is really well executed. The story was simple but good and what I liked the most was the character design of the two deities - especially of the forest deity. The design of the observing character was a little too dull for my taste, but maybe it's for the better.

Keep up the good work!

This was incredible. Easily one of my favorites on NG. I can't imagine how long it took you to work on this. Great animation and brilliantly executed. Really like the character models, BG designs, and sound design. Great job!

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3.99 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2017
4:49 PM EDT