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Psycho Girlfriend

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Having a girlfriend is a very wonderful experience. But controlling your girlfriend is a very challenging task. Because a "girl" is considered as species that's very hard to understand.

Make sure to maintain the level of your "PERSONALITY" when interacting with other characters in the game. You "PERSONALITY" will determine your fate at the end of the game.

WARNING: You may be pissed & irritated when you're not getting what you want while playing this game.

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This game was great, i was surprised by the intro, to be honest this is one of my favourite games! i loved the intro! seriously! and it was fun to play, it was kinda sad to see how it ended so fast, but i somewhat understand and hope to play all your other games whole- heartedly!

handalsoft responds:

Thank you very much for playing the game. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it.

who was the guy who sent text messages to maya?

I love it

I sure hope this is not loosely based on author's relationship or something like that.
Psycho or not, that relationship is a train-wreck, also every single person in that game is an asshole.

Also: trying to explain to your GF that you were asleep: -4 per.
Saying to an officer that you don't give a damn about breaking the law: -2 per.

Jeez, it sure says something if I consider "bad ending" to be the happiest one.

Right off the bat I lost 4% personality for apologizing for sleeping in when someone is waiting for me?? That's literally just being considerate, and it isn't "psychotic" to not want to be kept waiting if you have plans.
Kind of insulting to be honest.