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Move the peg around to swap its position with a neighboring tile.

When you make a move, there are 3 possible outcomes:
Good Move: You made a tetramino. +1 on your score.
Free Move: The tile you moved connects to one of its kind.
Bad Move: The tile you moved is isolated. -1 on your gauge.

In Twenty mode, you are allowed 20 bad moves until the game ends.
In Marathon mode, you start with 4 bad moves and gain one for each tetramino you make.

8 game presets: 2 modes (twenty & marathon) x 4 sizes (5,7,9,11)

Keyboard (Arrows, x, Enter) or Gamepad.

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I can't see what's going on!

The graphics and retro feel of this game are adorable. Fulscreen mode is very nice all games should have this in 2017.

Negative things:
- No public highscores.
- So many console player types think it's a good idea to port/make games for PC by using Z and X buttons, because the same letters are on their controllers. Why not use nice big spacebar for action key? You can still keep x functioning in the same time.
- You can make figures of four, but why not figures of five or more? I made some and the fifth block just remains there all alone, can it even be predicted which one it will be? Better make figures of four also possible for higher score.

strange but interesting game

This is definitely something. I didn't expect it at first, but I ended up getting hooked.

The presentation is pixelated and nice. I really like the retro style it goes for. As a throwback to the birth of video gaming, we have some gritty sound effects and no music, but I think that's fitting.

Gameplay wise, I didn't realize what was going on at first. It took me a while to understand that the tile we "move" is actuallly the empty space on the playing board, and we're sliding tiles around to form tetraminoes. The number of moves we're given is limited, and we have to be extra careful to not waste them by moving tiles to places where they don't fit, resulting in a bit of a mind challenge at times.

The game has two modes, as mentioned on the description, and I feel like marathon mode makes more sense. I mean, twenty mode is literally bound to end in a very small amount of moves, even if you're as careful as you can be, while marathon mode rewards you with more playing time whenever you do something right. That's exactly how old puzzle games like Tetris worked: if you cleared a line, you got more space to work with and, therefore, more playing time.

When it comes down to it, though, this game suffers from the same problem as many games of its type: the novelty wears off quickly, and the game gets a bit old. It's just too empty and there's not really that much going on. In general, though, this is solid, and definitely a nice little time killer.

So, in general, a pretty nice little puzzle game.

Good Game, it's very hard, but fun. the game have Nice graphics and also a music in the Title! I develop games too and I know how hard just a game like this is hard to create alone, keep it up!