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What If

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An inquiry about the Jews in Europe in WW2

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Well, Hitler made the Jews wear the star of David? Because he actually read the Torah, and Bible (two copyrighted books).

He could see that the Jews were actually canaanites, visibly.

This is why they wear
black clothes, because? Their pigment doesn't and never will resemble that of a people My People
enslaved in Egypt 430 years!

Hitler was a genius...

He could actually read...

The star was a mockery, this is why he had SS guards who hated Jews too, Arabs, Muslims google: SS Muslims.


Your delivery is fine IMO, I wan a narrator to be impartial and journalistic. But I find the subject matter a bit pointless. The Internet is obsessed with talking about Hitler, he is compared to everything, analyzed, and usually demonized ad nauseam. Can't we talk about something else for a change? BTW, Idk why Stalin is much less talked about killed twice as many innocent civilians as Hitler with genocide, including eliminating homosexuals and Jews. Why not talk be slightly original and talk about him instead? It is hard for me to give a video a higher score than 3 when it is the equivalent of saying, 'the sky is blue and air is good to breathe.' in how universally understood the 'nazis are bad' message is in modern society.

Narrator seems a bit too happy and enthusiastic for the subject matter. Delivery seems robotic at times. Music is appropriate.

sketchysquirrel responds:

Thank you for your critique... I really appreciate it! I know what you mean regarding the narrator... I tried to reduce his movements when covering the Holocaust to make him more sombre (but yeah he's too happy). Thanks again, hopefully my next film will be a little better.