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A Little Halloween

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A tale about a strange girl who wants Halloween to last forever...

(The artwork for this motion comic was drawn by hand on actual paper, scanned in, colored, and so forth. It's basically the way I do all the Foamy cartoons now. So there ya go.) Enjoy :P HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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That was cute and i would kill for a little pumpkin guy plush.

Awesome. Hope it gets reshown when Halloween comes again

Someone please tell me how did that get a weekly trophy without a daily trophy at all?


Well that was just great. :) The poetry, the visuals, the theatrics lightning and lighting and all... well-worthy a watch on that one particular occasion. Or whenever. Today seems just as great an occasion.

Was thinking the audio could be a bit more balanced - doesn't seem to matter as much with the traditional Foamy as with something like this, but that's just a minor thing in the end. It really took a pretty emotional turn there. :) With bits of comedy at all. Masterful work on this.