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Clockworker Orange

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Author Comments

the most skillful citric has come back with a new shooter-style adventure. Again the ClockWorker Orange must charge one by one all the fruits over ten levels to get his money back, spend all the cash in the store of Mari Lemon Roe, improves your weapons, shields and other accessories

You can hire up to two attendants, Lil´Lemon and Mandarino can give you an extra hand, you can use them yourself or cooperatively with the help of one or two extra players.

if you need any help check, (game Plays, Cheats, videos, downloads)
PC .exe file available

if the game crashes refresh

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Buenisimo ! Tendrias que hacer juegos para celulares munguia

awsome game but its way too big and for no apparant reason

Would be a good game if it didn't keep freezing my computer and making me close the browser just to open it up again to finish one board and then repeat the whole process again.

Where are my achievements!?

I might be really bad at it, or it might just be really damn hard. Can't really get far, but I'm definitely charmed by the visual style and the goofy fruit story.