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Internet Morality?

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Cindy, young girl and her daemon dall disagree on internet justice and the lack of magic in its execution. Cindy loves playing tricks on people. In the past Cindy would use Voo to play mean games with people. But ever seance she got her laptop she has ignored Voo. In a world of technology the old ways seem obsolete.

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I loved the animation. And the characters. And the concept.
But the voice acting needs improvement. Cindy sounded kind of wooden, especially in the beginning (Literally sounded like a robot in the first sentence she said, if you noticed). Voo, while less so, had so many filters over his voice I could barely understand what he was saying. I get that you're trying to make him sound more "demonic", but you need to tone it down a bit, or at least find a way to make the voice clearer over all the editing. The lip sync wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either.
Again, I loved the whole thing, but the sound degrades your work, and it doesn't deserve that.
I will be following your work. (While checking the follow button I realized what your account name is. I'm not sure if the irony is on you or me. Either way, now I'm just doubting my whole review. Damn.)

HalfCrackedAudio responds:

Thank you for the input man i appreciate that. And I see now what you meen about the vocal FX and the acting. IMPROVEMENTS WILL BE MADE IN FUTURE INSTALLMENT XD