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Pixel Miner

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A Minecraft-like game which also works on mobile!

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I like the look of the game, but that is pretty much it.
There is nothing to do except make holes and stone huts.
The wood and leaves don't appear when place. The ground is too shallow.
You also cant make anything or refine materials or interact in any way other than breaking.
Also add options for things like look sensitivity. WAY too sensitive.

Nothing to do, only build, hard to build something cause the camera have bad angle and sensitivity, those make me sad.

Press escape to find your missing mouse cursor when you realize there's nothing to do but climb, and jump from a high as possible to see if it hurts, or dig a hole into darkness(did I make a pit when I landed? cuz I fell into a pit)

As a game, I have to give 0 stars because there is no game no object, no enemies, nothing really to do.

But I'll give a few stars for the effort, obviously a work in progress. It's got a ways to go though. First thing I'd like to see is an options panel where I can set the mouse sensitivity and the FOV.

I like how this game handles the palm tree, thumbing it's nose at the Minecraft standard of "every block must fill out the space"

There is literally nothing to do here. The sensitivity is also way too high, and the FOV is way too zoomed in. It's like you didn't even try. This is serious crap. Also why would I want to embed this crap in a webpage?! What's the point of that option? This was just a waste of my 30 seconds.

Credits & Info

2.25 / 5.00

Oct 9, 2017
6:28 AM EDT