Charlie Browned : Foamy The Squirrel

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Lil' Germaine gets some odd treats in NYC...
(For those who never watched the "Chibi" series of Neurotically Yours, it's a series of cartoons with Foamy & Germaine as kids, being taken care of by her Grandfather. I always make an edited version and an unedited version of these episodes for some reason. I guess I find the bleeps funny sometimes.)

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This just proves why hipsters should be hunted for sport. And the pet rocks made me think "mutant tadpoles"

Best bag of candy ever. XD Really laughed at Foamy's reactions on this one... such a different style with these, but for stuff like this in particular it all works so well! Also: rock on.

And those pet rocks sorta look like Minions...


that little girl looks so fucking cute!❤️

Pet rocks are your best friend. I can't wait to get my dose of LSD tabs and handguns this trick-or-treat!

Good times, and let's be honest here. Who hasn't had a Pet Rock?