I'M PARANOID: Brett Newski Music video

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Brand new music video for Brett Newki's track I'm Paranoid. Featuring a few parodies of some films to add to the concept of paranoia. Check more music from Brett at www.brettnewski.com
and keep up to date with our latest cartoons at www.cartooncrumbs.com

https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/692217 <-- click to view Brett's previous animation video carries on the from this one.

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Those are some stellar movie picks for call-outs, my man. Well-chosen and very appropriate, given the nature of the song! The animation is classic. It really brings me back to 2007-era Newgrounds and the wildly experimental animation, which can only be a good comparison. I quite like the song, as well. It's kind of grimly appropriate these days...

Hilarious. Goofy in just the right ways.

Great job! Loved the "They Live" reference. I don't think it's bad to question things and people's motives etc. Within reason of course (before it becomes literal paranoia). I mean, if we blindly trust people who haven't EARNED that privilege it's dangerous. Loved the animation and song!

Now that was both catchy and funny.

crummy-toons responds:

Thanks buddy guy, woo hoo 5 star rating! Glad it made you laugh and sing along.

Why is it wearing that stupid man suit. Catchy song and nice animation always a good combo

crummy-toons responds:

All to get you hooked, make you crave for another fix so you click the repeat button. Bwahahahahaaha!

The Invasion of the Body Snatchers references was much appreciated, this guy had a real ride. Nice job!

crummy-toons responds:

Thanks, yeah one hell of a day, haha. Glad you enjoyed it. :)