Nightmare Runner 2

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Kill 100 Enemies 25 Points

Kill 100 Enemies

Score 200K 25 Points

Score 200K points

20 Enemies Jumped 50 Points

Jump Over 20 enemies

3 Bossess Killed 50 Points

Kill 3 Bosses in a run

7500 Meters (Easy Mode) 50 Points

Run 7500 Meters in Easy Mode

7500 Meters (Hard Mode) 100 Points

Run 7500 Meters in Hard Mode

Game Finished (Easy Mode) 100 Points

Finish Game in Easy Mode

Game Finished (Hard Mode) 100 Points

Finish Game in Hard Mode

Author Comments

Grab your machine gun and blast through hordes of monstrous creatures to escape this nightmare world.

Nightmares are back, now with more monsters, hazards and unlockable characters. Will you escape alive? Will you keep your sanity?

-------- UPDATE --------
- Added a Quality Button.
- Hard mode unlocked.
- Easy mode is now shorter.
- Lots of small fixings.



Auto Fire. Aim and jump/double jump with mouse.

You can also jump with W or UP or SPACE keys.

P pauses game.

Q changes game Quality.


Please give feedback so we can improve the game. We want to make a mobile version in Unity3D.



This game is pretty damn good, it has a nice simplistic style, and addicting gameplay, the music is pretty nice. While it did lack a bit of polish and it didn't feel very fast-paced and exciting, it's still a great game, and I definitely recommend it for fans of the shoot-em-up genre

ClockworkMonster responds:

Thanks for your feedback!

Its a good game with simple controls and a simple yet addicting gameplay but the music it a single looped tune. the game also rewards my shooting my way out style of gameplay and calls me crazy for jumping straight into hard mode. overall a good game with a nice sence of difficulty

ClockworkMonster responds:

Thanks! Taking note about the music, will have that in mind.

91100 or something score

I remember playing this from way back tho the game wasn't finished it seems. Glad to see this again and I had fun. Its hard to keep track of both sides behind me and in front of me but the fast fire and one bullet killing most creatures made it easier so i can focus more on parkouring.

ClockworkMonster responds:

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! Thx!

It´s simple and nice. Might be my personal experience but I found that the last jump upgrade was more a loss than a gain. Maybe making the jump function press sensitive is the solution.

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ClockworkMonster responds:

I agree, fixed jump height looked like a good idea... But player feedback tells me the opposite. Next game will be press sensitive for sure.


very well done, i love the flying tentacled whales in the background, just for curisity and im sorry if im wrong but this one inst a new game, it is? either that or my memory is fucked beyond salvation, i remmember playing this game earlier or at least a demo, keep the hard work!

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ClockworkMonster responds:

It is the sequel to "Nightmare Runner".

I have improved artwork, added some extra enemies/obstacles and a new boss, and the new unlockable skins.

I have also make a lot of small improvements/tweakings (I love the new "hard mode", it is nicely challenging).

I tryed to make "night levels" (play "Land of Darkess", its a prototype)... But Flash is not powerful enough to keep a good framerate. I had to stop and switch to Unity3D for the next game.

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Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2017
11:08 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun