Reviews for "Nightmare Runner 2"

People say that flash is dying, but Unity is already dead on arrival.
Flash will not die, and this game is fucking brilliant.
You literally brought me a smile on my face with your game

ClockworkMonster responds:

Wow! I really appreciate your words! Thanks!!!

I seriously wonder whats going to happen to these flash games in 2020. They're not bad so why make the browsers stop supporting them?

ClockworkMonster responds:

Google makes more money from Android games, and free Flash games that only display one single and while loading are bad for their business...

Same with Apple/Ios games.


Not bad, enjoyable and simple gameplay. Action needs more of a satisfying punch to it, better sounds, animations, effects.

ClockworkMonster responds:

Working on that, I already have some nice monsters animated. And Unity3D particles look pretty nice!

Thx for your feedback!

Surprisingly perfect balance of difficulty and simplicity. I had fun playing it. Definitely worth a few runs.

ClockworkMonster responds:

That was my idea, to make a "one button shooter". I am glad you enjoyed it!

Nice and addictive, maybe a bit monotonous. I've found a bug with "Free shield" skill - it became active only when I've exited in the menu and then started a new run, when I've chosen "Play again" option, it wasn't active

ClockworkMonster responds:

I am planning to add more variety with weapons or powers, still testing. I also want to add "Dark" levels (Try my game "Land of Darkness" to get an idea.

I´ll check the "Free Shield" bug, didn´t notice it in my tests.

Thanks for your help!!!