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Play the Game 10 Points

Play the Game to get this medal

Kill mode 25 Points

win 1 kill mode game to earn this medal

Run mode 25 Points

win 1 run mode game to earn this medal

Time attack 25 Points

win 1 time attack mode game to earn this medal

Author Comments

-daily prize and highscores updated
-coming soon ultimate mode
-new : updated the medals difficulty now it gives you more points.

can you survive waves of hard enemies and get the highest score in the game.

with four modes (Kill ,Time ,Run and endless) keep fighting with help of the items until you reach the Objective .

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A simple game the can draw you in. Unlocking the different modes was rewarding and fun. The power ups could of been cheaper. Sometimes your gun would lock, and get stuck shooting in one direction.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

Get in your settings and change the description of the Run Mode medal. In the description you've spelled run as rum. I was hoping there was a rum drinking level, but sadly there was no rum involved.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

It's very basic in every manner. The whole circles and squares shoot at other circles and squares has been overdone and over used. I highly recommend taking the time to make the shapes something more. If you're going to go with shapes change it up a little bit. Circles, triangles, squares, etc... It's just basic/boring to the viewer and we want more! :P

I had no problem with any controls and everything seemed to work very smoothly.

~ Story/Gameplay ~

The basic gameplay was a little fun, but without a real challenge here there was no reason for me to keep playing. The only mode that is difficult is the endless mode and there's no reason to keep playing it in my opinion because you don't have any medals tied to it.

Medal Ideas that would have kept me playing:

Last for 1 minute on endless mode
Last for 2 minutes on endless mode
Upgrade your fire rate 5 times
Upgrade everything to max level, etc....

I would have also liked to see different modes.

Mode ideas:

Stationary mode (Where the circle stays in the middle of the screen and can't move
Vs. Mode (Two players can battle each other)

The biggest downfall of this game was the lack of explanation and how basic the menus were. I never quite knew what an upgrade looked like before I started, what the modes really stood for without making educated guesses, and how to unlock other levels because there was no detail or description anywhere. It would have been a lot better if there was a how to and more descriptions when someone hovered their mouse over a button.

After unlocking the first two levels I couldn't get into anything without clicking the blue button and getting to the main menu? Glitch?

~ Audio ~

Probably the best thing about this game. Nice background music during the gameplay and nice menu music. I also liked all of the sound effects that you used during the game. (gun shots, deaths, collection) Good attention to detail here!

~ Overall ~

Way too easy, not enough content, and really no reason to come back and play the game again. That being said it's not a bad game by any means, but there is a ton that could make this game a lot better.

BASSAM18 responds:

thanks, your comment really explain the whole game you must really spend your time checking everything in the game really thank you Fro i will save your comment to check what it really needs , but one thing i dont think the game is easy like you said many people told me it was even too hard
but thanks for your comment Fro it really define the game .

A simple, but very polished and fun game! I like how one mode unlocks after the other, each with something new, and none that take too hard to complete. Upgrades are fully optional, and the endless mode awaits if you want to take aim at the highscores, though the one thing missing feels like instructions. When you start out there's nothing saying it's not a regular game, and you should try out the power-ups while they're available. When you reach the menu, there's nothing telling you to complete one stage at a time. No 'lock' symbol or similar to make this intuitive, either. It's nice that you learn as you go otherwise, but a guiding start would've been good. Overall: nice game! Easy to get into, and easy to keep playing-


BASSAM18 responds:

Thank you Cyberdevil for your helpful feedback i will consider add all what you said in your comment in our next update

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2017
6:45 PM EDT