Ass Brutalewd 3: Midwinter Mischief

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Most people, when faced with a cold, harsh winter, put on more layers of clothing. But for our horny heroine, "less is more" becomes a viable solution.

Warm the cockles of the heart and the heartles of your other vital organs with the Ass Brutalewd comics blog, http://ass-brutalewd.tumblr.com

(Original release date: December 25, 2014.)

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The crying tumblerina XD

Clever quite clever.

I show my brony pals these cartoons for a good chuckle.

P.S. This is the first time we get to see Brutalewd's (blue footed)BOOBIES! :D

Awesome animation but I thought it actually had have naked boobs or gore to be rated mature

BrutaMod responds:

I set "Adult Themes" to maximum, so I guess that's all it needed for that rating.

Love It !!!!!!! another great funny one

from 2014? what took you so long to upload it? lol

BrutaMod responds:

At first I put these videos on Tumblr, but then the anti-porn-vid policy on Tumblr and general unjustified threats against my blogs from the Staff made me think it would be better to just delete the videos, seeing as I got mistaken for a spambot, so I didn't want to get flagged as a pornbot too! (They don't mind the smutty comics though. They just don't want people using Tumblr to host porn videos.) So I had the videos showing exclusively on Youtube, but with Youtube constantly pulling the rug out from under creators for unpredictable reasons now more than ever I decided it would be safer to keep copies of my eggs in more than one basket, as it were. So now Newgrounds gets them too! Hopefully this will bring my Tumblr cartoons to the attention of more people, as well. The next one I put out will probably be on Newgrounds first, if things go well around here.