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Ass Brutalewd 1: Slutty Halloween Costume

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In this pilot episode, Brutalewd (a sexy adult version of Brutaloo (a brutal version of Scootaloo)) ponders what slutty Halloween costume she'll be wearing for the spookiest night of the year.

This episode was sponsored by my Patreon supporters in October of 2014 and was released on Halloween that year.

See the Ass Brutalewd comics blog here: http://ass-brutalewd.tumblr.com

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0:53 couldn't stop laughing at that spin lol

You forgot slutty bunny, striptease dancer, slutty waitress, sex slave, slutty ghost, slutty schoolgirl, dominatrix...

BrutaMod responds:

Those aren't costumes, those are Brutalewd's careers. Except slutty ghost I suppose.

Went through quite the selections on costumes, shame she didn't think of being a cheerleader or a nudist. Still funny to watch, loved the jab you made towards yourself at the end.

That left alot to the imagination.

Still fun stuff to watch, on or OFF your official tumblr. :)