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Paul's Quest RPG

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1/2/3 to use your abilities.
Aim with your mouse.
Movement - WASD / Arrow keys
Q - Quest Log
R - Inventory

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difficult but good
would appreciate upgradable inventory

Hey is the red cross banner boss the end of the game?
There doesn't seem to be anything else to do after that...

paulfromsmite responds:

There is no end to the game, it is cursed to a permanent loop.

Neat concept for a top-down hack-n-slash! shows promise! a little rough around the edges though.

Pretty cool, got the core mechanics. There's just a few things that would help out a lot in my opinion. Got up to the Rank 2 arena fight before I got soft locked (died the same time as killing a boss and got stuck in the battlefield). 1. A revive point would be cool, once you die re-spawn at the last revive point you touched. Would fix the arena bug, and also another semi bug (re-spawning back into a group of enemies and constantly getting killed). Could also give you a reason to re spawn all the enemies back into the map but take a bigger chunk of XP away on death. The map can get barren quickly. 2. Giving the sword more purpose. Stopped using it pretty quickly, mainly when I entered witch haven. Potentially add some spells which enchant the sword. Add fire damage to it for example. An equipment stat which significantly increases damage too. 3. A visual guide of current skills and future skills, similar to a skill tree. Would just add a bit more strategy to choosing skills. The simplicity of choosing between 3 skills is nice though. There's a few UI and other little issues too but won't go into detail, long enough, god damn. Enjoyed what I played though, keep at it. For sure has potential.

I agree that it shows promise.

Perhaps, there could be a more detailed intro tutorial. It's not very complicated, but would make it easier to become familiar with the game.

However, I found the WASD controls with 1/2/3 quite awkward because during combat I often had to move away and thus couldn't let go of the WASD buttons which prevented the use of 1/2/3.

Credits & Info

3.16 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2017
7:27 PM EDT