minus & her rebellious foodstuffs Pt1

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Update, Wow daily third!
A bit back somebody added a video version, don't know who did it but they knocked off the slideshow at the end, if you want to read the messages from people who worked on the mirror you will need to login to your newgrounds account and click on the SWF button.

also i mentioed the link tio the mirror on the preloader so for those who havent seen the flashh version

still the conversion was ok so ill leave it

So i made a movie based on minus by Ryan Armand




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I really like the drawing style here, so bright and cozy! Really came across just like it did in the comic. The only thing that feels off is the walking motion, which doesn't really move her as far forward as she seems to step... and the panning motion that partially skewed the screen was a bit odd. Apart from that quite enjoyable! Short but good.


straberrykiler6789 responds:

Yeah FlameAdder pointed out she looked like a marionette and i focused on the shoes in my upcoming animation.

my first attempts at her walk cycle just didn't look right so i just experimented a lot.
the panning was mainly a last minuet thing.

i have seen lots of computer animation designed to look like traditional one of the things that shattered the illusion were obvious motion tweens.
if you see that you can tell its computer animation, so i decided to avoid motion tweens for the majority of this i made exceptions in a few places going to avoid movieclips and motion tweens except for guidance/reference in the next

As a fan of the comics, I had to check this out. Echoing the sound criticism, and while the animation is smooth, it feels a bit awkward, almost like minus is a marionette.

straberrykiler6789 responds:

Yeah, i am going to test my next animation on something with better speakers than my computer and adjust a few settings to hopefully get a nice sound.

First time doing an animation in this style and getting a passable result
I think minus looks like a marionette because i worked on the actual animation of minus herself and added everything else in last minuet.

Kinda rushed this because i hadn't put anything out in years and wanted something done!

this was a bit of an exercise to improve my skill for when i start making flash again!

I forgot about KiwisByBeat!
There were some great comics there. I was reading Modern Fried Snake when one day I went to the site and it no longer existed. The comic about the ramen chef was really good.(I forget the titles)
I totally forgot about Minus, though. Great stuff!

straberrykiler6789 responds:

Great Was name the comic in question and i saved all the comics but 3 of them have pieces missing though!
Might animate another comic from there,

Hardly any of modern fried snake was saved anywhere when it went offline we could only find about 70 JPEGs which seems like a lot until you consider the comic had about 1130 of these.
i got the first 250 or so from "MSand" and later nearly all of it from "Sho" on the mirrors comment sections.

Im quite impressed about going from 1% to 99%
there are people out there who have whats been lost its just a matter of finding them!

I like the colors and backgrounds, but the voice acting is a minus for me. It feels and sounds like it's being talked through a loudspeaker. Even the music isn't actually very fitting as well. It's not the best that I've seen, but I respect your artstyle.

straberrykiler6789 responds:

Sound mixing is not my Forte and i probably should delegate that to somebody who has talent in that department if i have the option,
so its probably more my fault than it is the voice actor, but honestly i dont know what music to use in this!

if i do a collab to get the whole(or as much as possible) story done in a mini series.
right now im just seeing if anybody is interested in doing that or not

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Sep 28, 2017
8:54 AM EDT
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