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I wasn't hired at NG to do Flash stuff people! I'm here for graphic design and illustration. Any Portal entries I make are just for fun!

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I stand corrected. Sexy costumes have always existed. I guess it's only until recently I was aware of them. I really am shocked at that spider costume. I think everything here is organized. It's still just a slideshow.

There wasn't that much effort. I still appreciate some of this. It's nice to see all these people having fun. Well, some are probably having too much of it. It's still a nice little Halloween thing.

halloween slideshow


Really not impressed with this at all. It's basically a slideshow of not very funny gags that was probably found on some terrible joke website. But to add to the joke,s we get random pictures of people dressed up for Halloween with some not at all funny commentary on them. It's as if you realised that the "jokes" themselves weren't enough and had to pad this out some more.

A better take on this would have been to animate little stories to go with each gag, one showing the sexual side of the gag, the other showing the halloween side. It would have definitely made this more interesting to watch than what was presented.

Pretty Good

Some music or more sounds would have made it better. I liked the skeleton's "facial" expressions though.


The jokes were OK,not too funny,but humerous.And there's also a typo on #6:

"If you get s stomach ache.."<----"s" is supposed to be "a".

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Oct 23, 2000
10:47 AM EDT
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