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E.T. Excursion - episode 02.2

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Episode 2, part 2 of ExoTime Excursion.

This animation was made between my freelance jobs using Flash, Maya, and Aftereffects. The next parts will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

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SFX USED: bluezone and my own personal library of accumulated sfx

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Buen tabajo lo que mas me gusto fue el diseƱo de personajes

this minisode is great the episode is great the serie is great and heck i want it to go on, also try a clearer grey for the theet and if you want to exprese the bad bucal igene of the medieval england try dark spots in the thets and maybe some of them broken

Enjoying the series so far, looking forward to the next episode :)

Pretty good, dude. Pretty interesting style with some good animation. However there are issues. Your use of skews are really distracting! They look so out of place from your art style and you constantly use it throughout the cartoon. I feel it should use them in a more subtle manner. I also recommend that if you're gonna use a "gray" for your character's teeth, I'd add a tint of blue or orange so it doesn't look bland or as if they're teeth look like silver. Aside from all that, I'm intrigued in this series and what direction the story will go.

EVanimations responds:

Thanks! :D

I'll keep the skewing thing to a minimum in the future, I never thought it was obvious and probably use it as a crutch for when there's not enough movement.
Also the characters' teeth in medieval times are value #CBC5B3 because they've never been cleaned and are kinda grody.

I'm glad you found the time to make this between freelance jobs. Hard work shows.