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High Scores
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A mini strategy starring dwarves. Cut the trees, catch some fish, upgrade your castle and environment. Guard the treasure from waves of enemies and lead your dwarves on their way to victory!

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i suck at the game but is very fun

Just so good. I only wish it were a bit longer, but I do find myself playing against myself and it has an oldschool type of feel to it. One of the best games I have played on Newgrounds in over 10 years.

Strategy Guide:

First things first. You are able to start playing 7 seconds after you click "OK" (click it as soon as it appears, don't wait for the dialogue to finish). At the end of the game the ending sequence takes 9 seconds to complete. So overall you start with a 16 second time penalty. So, in order to counteract this, RESET your game until the first TREE you plant is right outside the tent. If your LumberDwarf has to walk to the edge of the land then you are just wasting time-points.

BASIC: First things you need to buy, in this order! (and this is will cost all your starting gold)

Your lumberdwarves inevitably end up grouping together so don't worry about upgrading their strength too much, you just want plenty of low level trees for them to blitz through creating more WOOD for the gatherers. Upgrade your gatherer to Lv2 and create another gatherer when you have 4 WOOD on the ground at once, otherwise they will march to the end of the land and back and that will waste time-points.

Once your fish reserve hits around 40-50 then make 3 fishermen and upgrade them to Lv4. This is all you will need to do for them for the whole game , except upgrade the ENVIRONMENT which increases your fish value.

Get your HOME upgraded a few levels first and then focus on upgrading your ENVIRONMENT. Once you hit Lv4 ENVIRONMENT you will start earning a LITTLE gold but this is no where near enough to advance, unless you are desperate for to upgrade your fish value.

Ideally in the first 4-5 minutes you want:
3x Tree @ Lv4
3x Lumberdwarves @ Lv2
3 x Fishermen @ Lv4
3x Gatherer @ Lv3

HOME @ Lv3

After that, keep the LumberDwarves cutting high level trees (you dont want them strolling around) and make sure you have plenty of low level Gatherers for the same reason, you want them back to the tent quick, not waltzing about. Oh yeah, NEVER click the skull icon either!!!

Love this game, play it every couple of days. So addictive.
Love the art style and the game format. Can't wait for Part 2!!!

Also, played for so long it seems the Gems have max-cycled and the purchases have reset lol! :P

Domo76 responds:

Thank you so much for such kind words and detailed analysis! I am happy that you like the game. We keep making small progress with Woodwarf 2 each day, but the release date is still not fixed.We are now approximately on 70% of the creation. In the best case, i think Flash version might be finished and playable late this December. But I can't promise, we might miss that deadline as well. Thanks for the patience!!!

Cool game....wish i could get better than a zero though :/

Domo76 responds:

Thanks for playing! Please watch at YouTube Woodwarf high score walktrough to see how to optimize the best.

Solid game that I keep coming back to. I liken it to old Nintendo games (before save features existed) where you just try to outscore yourself; everyone else be darned. The music is a wonderful loop, there is a enough variation (of the tree growth specifically) where you cannot brute force a build order, and there is an endgame outside of the actual endgame (how to outdo yourself).

The only improve I have is that graphics leave something to be desired, though it is also part of the charm; this more a neutral comment than anything negative.

As it pertains to score, I wanted to share some tips that will get you a middling score:
1. Gold is your most important resource, and the best method to get it is with trees. You must also recognize the opportunity cost with attaining gold. Everything else that follows builds on these tenets.

2. Rushing the next monster wave for gold is inefficient because it causes you to upgrade your dragon, which in turn causes a drain on your fish, which in turn causes you to upgrade your fishing capability earlier than you would otherwise. In the worst case scenario, you will upgrade your dragon and fishing capability beyond what you need to complete the game.

3. Speaking of fish, buying fisherpeople (my offering to the politically correct gods) early is gold inefficient. You do not need to buy fisherpeople until you drop to about 40 fish because, without adequate environment, the fish will waste gatherer carrying capacity (which would otherwise be used for wood) with low quality fish that barely covers the fish cost of the fisherperson. Rushing fisherpeople at 40 food is generally not an issue since you will have a comparatively robust gold economy. Additionally, you generally do not need more than the 400 gold upgrade for your fisherperson quantity or quality. Since you need environment to win anyway, utilize it to primarily solve your fishing problems.

4. Having your lumberjacks constantly running to the river is inefficient because the time it takes for them to travel is time not generating you gold. Buy more/stronger trees to compensate for this. Similarly, prevent waves of lumberjacks from forming and leaving a forest in their wake; they may be chopping quickly, but not efficiently.

5. I do not have the brain capacity to test this, but the last upgrade(s) for anything has/have limited utility because of the exponential cost of upgrade(s) and time you remaining to make use of the upgrade(s). Keep this in mind before getting that sweet castle.

Domo76 responds:

Thanks so much for playing and sharing your thoughts and tips! We are working on Woodwarf 2 and even though it takes us longer than expected, it will be published this year - hopefully before Winter :-) We are taking into account all your suggestions and ideas for improvement and trying to implement them in the sequel.

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3.85 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2017
11:17 AM EDT
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