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Castle Woodwarf

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A mini strategy starring dwarves. Cut the trees, catch some fish, upgrade your castle and environment. Guard the treasure from waves of enemies and lead your dwarves on their way to victory!

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Great game. Lots of fun!


**Domo76 I LOVE this game, I've beaten Woodwarf 2 a little while after when it came out, but I just LOVE this game mate! Is it still available for mobile!? Cause it would be easier than playing it on my PC every day hahaha

Domo76 responds:

*** Sorry, no mobile version any more! Got kicked out by GooglePlay because failing to meet some administrative issues. I hate such things so I dropped the ball* Congrats!!! I am not exactly sure if the guy on the 1st place has got a legit score or he hacked... But it is possible to get scores around 1,200 that is true. My best friend for some reason liked this game so much and he played each day so many times on mobile phone. I think he easily got over 1200. I personally never succeeded to get more than 1100. There is Woodwarf 2 on Armor Games and Steam, but it is pretty different than the first one, so you might not like it so much. I don't have much free time these days but perhaps when I do find, I hope to make Woodwarf 3, but that is years away. In the meantime, we all can play so many good games that already exist :-) Have a great day!

there is no way it is possible to get the current top score of 1,314 without hacking

Domo76 responds:

Hmm, I am not exactly sure how high it can go. My friend who played it excessively often got around 1200. Maybe he was also around 1300, I forgot. It can be either hack either legit (smaller chance)

i suck at the game but is very fun

Just so good. I only wish it were a bit longer, but I do find myself playing against myself and it has an oldschool type of feel to it. One of the best games I have played on Newgrounds in over 10 years.