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Incident 404H

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sorry but its short (again)

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Sonic Adventure 2 in a nutshell

A decent premise, but animation quality could be better. The sound effects used for the G36, KG9, and AK-47 didn't fit very well. You kept having original Hank's blood-stain switch hands for no good reason and there was no transition shown for him abruptly switching the hand he once held his Glock in. That's just plain lazy. Also, clone Hank shouldn't just walk over an agent unless we see him hopping on top of the body to make his way over. When original Hank is about to be killed, you should at least see him activate the detonator bomb or perhaps have him pull a pin from a grenade. The screen could then fade to white as the explosion approaches. Something I did like on the other hand was how clone Hank went auditor-like after being revived. Hope my comments help.

i thought u were ded

happy madness day

hehe, i like the inspired audi-hank that i made c;