Made in Six Hours Collab

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This collab, everyone had six hours to make something, around six hours, some may have taken less time, but defiantly no more than six hours. That as the maximum, no more. Anymore than that would be a violation of the rules and my free speech.


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woah yall n***as just cant die huh

TomatoSalad responds:

Nope, we can't just die, we are back!

We believe time to flow like a river, but this may not be true - must the alphabet be read in order? If we break down matter to its smallest, we can get atom, and within that atom, infinite possibility. But is there any smallest unit of time? Like one tenth of a second, or one millionth?

This film, the "Made in Six Hours Collab," defies our expectations of time. How can something so magnificent, so purely creative and authentic, be made in such a short run of the clock? Tick-tock, tick-tock! My mind is buzzing with excitement just thinking about the possibilities of the future. What's next for the Soup Squad?

TomatoSalad responds:

More collabs I hope and expect, more fun collabs, more silliness and more laughs.

good animated internet cartoon by three different authors

TomatoSalad responds:

Interesting fact, a potential collective maximum of 18 hours was spent on this flash.

this is excellent!

TomatoSalad responds:

Why thank you! It was pretty good.

Wow I havent seen you guys in forever. How's it going.

TomatoSalad responds:

Yeah, you know, busy being dead and all or something like that. I just moved onto other websites and games, and stuff. Got bored of the whole, creating stuff, but suddenly I wanted to make stuff again.

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Sep 17, 2017
8:35 PM EDT