Sublo & Tangy Mustard #6 - New Look

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After embarrassing himself again trying to explain what he is, Sublo decides to get a makeover. Tangy Mustard doesn't like it.

Note (spoilers):
A couple of viewers asked if this episode is a metaphor for trans people. There is no equivalence intended between Sublo's new costume and trans people-- the point is that Sublo is stupidly misusing some of the language around trans people to justify his weird sub costume obsession.

Ryan Long
Kevin Doan
Heather Mazhar
Lea Pehar
Shannon Halliwell-Macdonald
Victoria Long
and me!





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you gonna die in it...sublo >_< da da da da jj love it

Nice work

So here was some more of that great story you bring to the table and bring some really unique and different characters to the table with some nice characteristics about them and they each have there own style but you bring in some amusing and good stories that I adpat to right away so with this one I have no need for any changes it's some solid work right from the start and can't wait to see what happens in the next episode

Really nothing to change just keep the same drive and passion in future ones as you do with this one


Pretty funny. I really liked Sublo's extreme new look. Like @Xuvero said, I like how Tangy Mustard just goes over to Katy because he's so worried about Sublo and Katy reacts meaningfully as well. Then the way they go into "it's a sexual thing" is great. Wubhammer's reaction is also priceless and I love the music during that segment. The girls at the start sound perfect in terms of voice. Ending's perfect as well (and the voices are, too, like always). About the metaphor thing, it is a bit weird. Sublo was definitely doing this because of his insecurity, which fits the character, but it is true some people might take offense. Because just changing your look can be done for lots of reasons. This is one of them, to make people understand what you're supposed to be like, so can't really fault you for that. But it's a conflicting thing. He says no one likes the boring him, so it means he did this for people to like him, not to understand that he's a submarine. Maybe those kinda go hand in hand, but they're not really the same in this case. It's a bit confusing either way.
Overall, it's a fun episode, but the story's a little weak and confusing.

aalong64 responds:

Yeah I think this one could've used another rewrite to clarify things a bit.

Your amazing comedy strikes again! Loved every frame! And the ending...LOL!

"What's wrong with our costume boy? You got it jazzed up like a christmas tree with dementia!"

It's hard to go through this episode and don't think about body modification. I actually find the way Sublo talks about it as if he was changing sex. But in the end, this episode kind of delivers a message about it, maybe unintentionally, but it can make you think about it.

The jokes on this one were right on the spot, all delivered as simple usual lines. And something to note, is that there is little to no running gags on this series, most of the jokes are 100% fresh. I personally liked a lot the "doorknob" joke, it is of the same flavour of the "thirsty ladies" from Katy's Birthday and I always find it funny.

Also, this episode always makes me feel like the characters are unintentionally turning into friends, they all seemed to worry and care about Sublo. I talk a lot about aspects of character development through this series, and that is because it was very well done. All of the arcs develop in very smooth ways, you can start at the first episode and a few ones later you notice Sublo and Tangy Mustard are best friends, and they've also developed friendships with the rest of the guys at the shop, but you may not notice it happening, much like in real life.

Also, it was at this episode that I noticed the thing behind the shop's name: SUBmarine PARrot. SubPar.

aalong64 responds:

This is an episode I kind of regret-- I think there's funny stuff in it but people looking for a message might be offended by Sublo's identity crisis. There is no actual social commentary intended about trans people or anything -- that wasn't in my head at all, I was thinking more of people who turn themselves into parrots or Jessica Rabbit or get hundreds of piercings all over their bodies -- things like that rather than anything related to sex/gender. I just thought it would be funny if Sublo wanted to literally become a submarine, and everybody treated it seriously. But yeah in retrospect it's clunky and maybe insensitive.

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