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Trull the Burgre

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Four friends Justin, Mario, Max and Andrew go to King Burger to get something to eat but get attacked by a burger monster.

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this is okay, i will watch it if im bored or something.

Max is my boi

Happy Birthday !!!

Jaster responds:

Thank you

one thing i'd suggest that i haven't seen anywhere else on these reviews is to try and make the audio more equal; especially with voices, a lot of sounds can be difficult to hear at normal volume. still, nice work on this. glad to be a part.

This needs to be fine tuned. I can give this a little bit of credit for its duration of seven minutes, but there's a lot of things that need to be fixed. Cleanup on the lines would definitely do some good since there are quite a few of them overlapping each other. The expressions were fine and I think if you work on them more you can get them to look really nice, but the backgrounds looked really shoddy. The pacing in this was pretty odd; at some points characters would pause speaking for five seconds and you'd think it would lead up to a joke but most of the times it was just waiting for the other character to speak. I think that was the most detrimental flaw to this cartoon. The script was decent and the voice acting wasn't that bad (except cloudy at sometimes), but don't take this review the wrong way because I truly believe that this show can grow if you keep putting more time into it. I see some potential in this so keep workin' hard.