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DBZ: Ultimate Gohan Vs Perfect Cell

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I've been animating for a while but i have never done an Animation Consisting of Dragon ball Z Characters.
All in all, This was very fun to animate. DBZ characters can do anything basically. Anyway I hope you guys like this fight and please look forward to my next project that i'm EVEN MORE EXCITED ABOUT!!!

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Amazing fight! The sound effects and music were spot on, however the VA could be improved.

Wow, I feel this is a mostly great sprite animation overall!

This is perhaps the first time ever online that I've seen any sprite animation that actually uses real DBZ characters, along with DBZ sound effects (which I'm commonly used to hearing in other stuff like SMBZ series etc.) and presumably DBZ music and presumably DBZ voice samples. Interesting stuff to me XD

I'm quite fond of the special effects like charging energy beams for example...I feel the way you animated them didn't come across as overtly flashy (which came across to me as easier on my eyes), yet still...cool looking to me. To me, it has this sort of un-polished, raw-ish quality to it that I really dig and strive to possibly kind of emulate in my future Flash sprite projects going forward (that is, if I get around to ever doing one or more sprite Flash animations in the future)

Battle choreography and/or camera angles were pretty varied and kept me immersed in the action imo

Overall, great job!

Very exciting match between Ultimate Gohan
and Perfect Cell. I liked the nice old school feel
of the animation and for awhile it seemed like they were
evenly matched. It had a great ending as well defenetly
one worthy of Ultimate Gohan completely overpowering Cell.
Nice work.

shen1231 responds:

Thanks alot, that's exactly what i was going for!