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Zero Hour

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The most epic adventure yet

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The CC will never die

happy clock day !!!

It's like we're trapped on BrokeClock Mountain: we just can't quit Clockday. Ah well, at least we still have a couple more years before Flash is dead. A couple more years to enjoy Clock Movies before they too are victims of corporate progress and dumbing down of the internet. We may have grown up, we may have moved on, but we'll always have ClockDay.

Oh yeah, vote five you Reddit loving shits. If you can count that high.

Wow I wasnt expecting a clock movie to geat real for a moment.

Sigh its true this place has gone to shit hasnt it? But as long as we have the clock crew I think we'll still be okay.

Shit I'm depressed now.

Pop-Tart responds:

Ha sorry, brotha. ((Wegra))

Yea, I can't really blame NG tho. Not their fault the internet changed and they need to evolve with it or face extinction. At least the front page is still a showcase for cartoons and not listicles and confession bear memes. Too bad the cartoons themselves have had to bend to this witless, short-attention-span culture other sites have spawned.

wow! once again, you've created a great movie, pop-tart!

i really liked how you were joking about the ''making a movie about not making a movie'' thing, its so funny and cool! (and in some of my flashes, true).

i also liked the fact that you've added corpsegrinderclock in your movie; he was always a great artist and a good friend, so seeing him again on a new clockcrew movie is a really pleasant thing to witness.

now, about the story:
oh man, that was a great story! i loved that it started as a ''normal'' flash movie, and then pop-tart unfolded the mystery behind the CC's death, and told to c-grinder-clock that:
after god-clock's death(in a previous colllab, great reference joke+continuity!), demons have invaded the CC, and the clockbusters had to close the demon gate (namely, BB10 had to close the said gate), and to crush any remaining demons with the ion-beam guns!

naturally, i was excited about all this, and i was hoping to see such an epic battle...
however, despite the fact that the story changed into a different setting+scenario, it was still very interesting.
it was talking about the death of flash, the death of creativity, and the new age of the internet that doesnt allow creativity and humour to survive on this realm...
and as we grow older, the CC suffers greatly by this.
indeed, time will kill the CC. ironic.

with that being said, your movie was beautiful, with nicely drawn characters, with a very fluid animation, with nice punchlines and good humour, while it also had good speed, a nice story, and a very good meaning behind its initial, ''sarcastic'' exterior.
it had humour, philosophy, action and cool promises.

in short: it was a great movie.

i love your movies: they make me think, and they give me infinite joy.
never change, my friend!

happy clockday!

Pop-Tart responds:

I can always count on you to get sll the "in-jokes!"

Maybe I'll make that movie for real some time... where we get God back. It could be a fun idea.

Happy Clockday, old friend.