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Wasted Time

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One week ago marked my 10th anniversary of joining the Clock Crew, so I wanted to make something kind of special this year. What I ended up with isn't what I set out looking for but I hope you enjoy, because I had a lot of fun making this one.

Big thank yous going out to ZombieLincoln for the Clock Day logo, as well as Golden and Slurpee for their contributions to the project. {{{}}}

Happy Clock Day!

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Well I liked it.

rob clock,!

What a great movie. keep going!!

congratulations ⧙❨Ꙩᙂ

RobertClock responds:

Thank you immeasurably <3

Pure garbage. demented garbage that will make you dumber for having seen it.

RobertClock responds:

I will put this on my grave stone, thank you.


OK, so I watched this a bunch of times now. That's how good it is.

I mean, the story is great. It's something I relate to both as an old friend and fellow clock dealing with the balance of real life and love for this site/the CC.

But the reason I love it most is seeing how much you've developed your skills in the near-decade we've known each other. The drawing style itself is just fantastic... your ability to convey emotion with the clock faces is top-notch. The FBF animation (the cig lighting and punching thru P-Cat come to mind) shows such a subtle attention to detail... Just really great job overall.