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Tub's Stub

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This is my long hidden thesis film from 2013. idk why I haven't posted it yet, but it's about time. Enjoy!

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Note: this is real mental disorder, where people put a leg in bucket of ice & wait. Then call 911 & get the leg amputated. Usually the person gets an idea stuck in its head that its in the wrong body & decides to transform via self mutilation without fear of the consequences.

I knew something bad was going to happen once I saw the cat out there with him
I almost cried, man. I'm glad the cat survived
The sound dialogue definitely went with the animation. The light and cheery animation was a nice contrast to how dark the video really was, I'm not sure if you meant for that to happen but it's nice

This is so cute, it takes an extreme turn on "if your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?" Only with peg legs :)

I like this kind of animations, they are childish but dark, it reminds me of my childhood :^)

shit turned dark really fast