The Man Who Knew Everything

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A man sits on a log in the woods.

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This was funny. I'd like to see more of these

Liked how much Twilight Zoney it was. Part one and two were interesting, good buildup, but sadly part three fizzled out. I was waiting for something interesting to happen and in the end nothing interesting happened. The twist with that expectation is an okay idea, but needs more setup and more tension, should make me actually surprised and should take me for a ride.

I enjoyed the art style and movement, just wished it was 15 seconds longer and didn't fizzle out by the end. Good effort!

I like your character design and your narration. The sound quality needs a little improvement and the third act didn't look as good as the rest did and struck me as unfinished and the payoff wasn't for me although it was mitigated by the short run time of the cartoon.
I liked the "didn't explode out of his mouth...yet" angle. Just didn't grab me personally with that bit. but I really liked the way everything looked and moved and I'm keen to see more, I like your style!

Enjoyable, though I could see this being really great with a bit more quality and possibly a better story. I wish his ass had shot out his mouth though

jlorp responds:

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback. I'm planning a few more shorts in this style, hopefully I can get a more satisfying story arch in the next couple.

I like your style. Gave you a 4*, just make the sound a little clearer, but id like to see where you take this.

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Aug 6, 2017
2:47 PM EDT
Comedy - Original