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That’s what everyone thinks.

But you might find otherwise.. if you pick the right move.


You’re a lawyer, and your client is being accused of abuse. You only have 5 minutes until the verdict.

You only have time for one more action.

What will you do in those minutes?

Find the truth. Serve justice.

Play the game.


Made for Ludum Dare 39, to inspire a feeling of powerlessness.


itch.io - zephyo.itch.io/he-beat-her
GameJolt - gamejolt.com/games/he-beat-her/273009

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good game i really like it!

Very confusing story. Needs more detail. Like the amount of blood, the knife, the house they lived in. How many floors? In what way did he abuse her? What was the reasoning he told you? How long have they been together? Was there anybody else involved? Why didn't the lawyer think of asking about more of the backstory? It's so vague. Great game, but needs more details in beginning about behind the scenes

uggh I don't know what to put for distracting her I know is talking about sad things but is thre a certain way im supposed to type it??. HELP ME!!!!!!

Amazing game! I really love the art style and story...mystery, drama and everything this game presents. It really is amazing.

Think , talk, observe, grab. (Noting them for referrence)
Fine by me to be a text-based thing. I love how the "turn back time" thingy helps motivate the reason why you know things like what she had in her purse... (spoiler? oopsie, but no cigar)
Awesome! More edit and "LOL GG" after I finish it.

I don't get it... which one is the "best, justest" ending? the "input knife" one? Because that ending text ("you think about all the previous cases... blah blah") is confusing me, though it is a bit hinting to me that I got the best outcome.

(Spoiler below. I suggest only the dev reads it)
Also... even with the plaintiff punished... I don't see the big mistery to be revealed? PM me with an explanation of the entire situation maybe? (Greatly appreciated, as I only grasped that Gianna beat up the guy and framed..... umm ... eyy??? And why no mention of Gianna being also punished? (in this case in the "phone recording" scenario - I gave the court proof that Gianna did some nasty stuff, but there is no saying that she will , in the future, get jailed or something. Really, illuminate me. I'M FOGGED)
<< but, did you uncover the whole truth? NO BUT I WOULD HAVE IF I KNEW IF POSSIBLE AND HOW :)) >>

Basically, tl/dr , what's the way to the unique, best, ending in which justice is served?

#Edit (Spoilers , DON'T READ): Oh, basically just thinking of Gianna / abuse and then calling her is enough to get the "Justice is served" thing. But I'm sad nothing is told about Gianna. (Will she be sued? :)) )
The walktrough on youtube is way better than that on your site :P =]

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3.44 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2017
1:01 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG
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