E.T. Excursion - episode 01

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Episode 1 of (the reboot of) ExoTime Excursion. Meet the Grey Collective: an advanced and alien civilization whose Greys are optimized for efficiency through their telepathic technology! Yes, it seems a flawless society indeed - almost. There is one flaw, and he is about to embark on a series of unfortunate adventures.

This animation was made in exactly 2 months between my freelance jobs using Flash, Maya, and Aftereffects.

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SFX USED: bluezone and my own personal library of accumulated sfx

OBLIGATORY EDIT: FP'd while under judgement? Holy crap, thank you, Your Fulpship!


Its really good to see you continue that Alien piece you were working on years ago, I really enjoyed it back then. The new art style might take some getting used to though. Your 3D art is smooth and looks well polished and your backgrounds are well fitting and picturesque, but... your 2D art is a bit jittery and stands out from your backgrounds and 3D pieces in a mismatched sense. Do not get me wrong, I like it, the eyes are not my faverite but its your work not mine though they are more expressive. The themes fit well and I am drawn into the story but I guess my biggest issue would be the stark contrast of the way the characters look and move compared to the scene.

EVanimations responds:

Thanks for the review! For sure the style is something I'm still getting a hang of as you can see but I'm hopefully improving with it. My hope is that with refinement and time (hopefully not too much time), characters and the environments they're in clash less. Maybe you'll even find some improvement on more recent installations?

/very well animated, but the voice acting could use polish. Personally, i'd slap subtitles on the sucker, have the aliens burble and bleep.

Alt-Left propaganda


Ah nice, we finally get some backstory on the weirdo that started this whole thing. The audio is slightly better than your more recent submissions, but I still had a little trouble w/ the dialogue not being more on the surface of the mix. Maybe normalize all tracks, then give the dialog/VA stuff a nudge up idk. Characters got streamlined nicely, attractive and serviceable, a testament to years of repetition and improvement. 5/5 production, you know how to tell a tale and put on a good show, best wishes on going forward. It's been a pleasure following your career.

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2017
12:49 PM EDT