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Spark Ball: Episode 1

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In the not too distant future, a new sport has gripped the globe. SPARK BALL pits two opponents against each other in a fast paced, high adrenaline matchup of speed, skill, and cunning.. It may LOOK a little like tennis - but tennis it ain't!

As we begin, we find ourselves at the final game of the current Spark Ball World Championship, where two new, but fierce enemies, have their first meeting...

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Music by MiXE1

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That was one good animation, boy!

projectanything responds:

Awesome, thanks for checking it out! Stick with us for more! Have you seen episode 2?

Intergalactic Dimensional Pong In Outer Space Multiverse

I thought this was overall pretty good. I can tell watching this that all involved simply had fun making it, and in the end that is what is important. To take pride in one's work, fine your craft, and have fun doing it. It's nice to be reminded of that from time to time. The artwork isn't anything too stellar, the animation on the characters though is what pulled me in. Despite not having expressions, the pantomime in this is just spot on. I know exactly what each character is feeling at any given time. Truth be told I think this could have survived without voice acting. The voice acting needs some work, it doesn't sound bad though it just sounds a bit muddled in the delivery. The sound effects were great, the music I thought was amazing, especially that credits theme! It just tied it altogether in the end which is its purpose. It has the added effect of wanting me to watch it again and again. The story I thought was a bit cutesy at first - as it kept going though I was just laughing my ass off at it. All in all, this was just as much fun for me to watch as I imagine it was to make it. Kudos to you!

|| Cheers ||
*Good Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Great Sound
*Superb Music
*Good Voice
*Superb Story

|| Jeers ||


projectanything responds:

I know, right!!?

Well, that was surely something that i would follow! Its like a cliche baseball covered in obscure humor, wich maked it really funny, cant wait to episode 2, GG on daily 4th place!

projectanything responds:

Thanks for taking time to watch our episode. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for rating us aswell :)

Wow. That was really funny. Cant wait for ep 2. The jokes were funny and the animation was simplistic but good. Not much else to say. I like it.

projectanything responds:

Awesome! Thanks so much!