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VOLT - Dance Animation Loop

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Wow I have been dead here.
This was practice in Toon Boom and an experiment to push my rig past its limit so I can figure out where it breaks. Also it's my first time animating a dance entirely from scratch, no reference.

Song is Volt by Lockyn.
It's a very good song.

YOUTUBE VER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr7pX-RLTuU

twitter: https://twitter.com/Zedrinbot

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Praise be to our Robot Waifu Goddesses! Excellent all around

She is THICC!
Good animation btw


This is really good! There are so many awesome things to praise here! First off, you designed this super cute robo-girl! I love her outfit, with the yellow skirt, dark corset, and purple tie working together to pull of a really unique and cute design that feels like a crazy cross between a business woman and a pop idol! Throw in her captivating pink eyes and her awesome yellow hair (complete with those cool white highlights), and you’ve got a super solid, fun, and memorable character design!

But it doesn’t end there! This isn’t JUST a super fun original art piece, oh no. THIS is ANIMATED! That’s freaking awesome! Animation is crazy hard, and yet you not only managed to make a very fun and satisfying loop, but you also had to create MULTIPLE different artistic renditions of this original character from MULTIPLE different angles in MULTIPLE different poses! That’s insane!

But we’re STILL not through! If all that animation wasn’t insanely impressive on its own, you decided to take things up to eleven by having the character DANCE TO THE BEAT OF CHOREOGRAPHED MUSIC!!! That’s freaking insane!!! Creating multiple artistic renditions of an original character and going through the extremely difficult process of animating them wasn’t enough, so you threw in CHOREOGRAPHED DANCING too?!?! You are amazing!!

You are a mind-bogglingly talented artist hun, and we are absolutely blessed to have the chance to see your work. Thank you so much for making what you make and doing what you do. You deserve all of this praise and more, and getting the opportunity to praise your work has been an honor. I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! ❤️

Real cute, and really like how well it syncs up to the tune along with the impressive use of lighting~♥