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With more replicants and robots being built every day, the Blade Runners have their work cut out for them.

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Written by: Matthew Chadwick and Mark Townend

Michael Gabriel - Deckard/ B-9
Nick Gligor - Officer K/ Johnny-5
Scout Durwood - Rosie
Angelina Feliciano - Lisa
Kyle Dodson - WALL-E/ David

Music by: David Schmoll
Animation by: 1881 Animation

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A few of those I agree but these ones :
Iron giant
Bay max
I say what the fuck

A robot named Astro Boy would like a few words with you. But yeah, the animation was smooth, and the jokes were pretty funny.

Error 404 GLaDOS not found.

Awesome. But you forgot the robots from Robot Chicken. They're still running around doing who knows what. Also the Bay Transformers.

wow that was funny also awesome how you really put different robots from different genres in there if this is actually better then the film I swear that will be some shit