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The Guts of The City [Alpha]

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An Atmospheric Horror Game!

Edit: New Version Out Now! Click on the play button!

This short game plays in a hostile urban future. You're a panhandling kid, that urgently needs to deliver its money to Clubber, the boss of the panhandling kids.

Navigate through the beggarly Zone and the Frontier, the border to Whale Town.

The game setting might appear familiar to those who already know my ng frontpaged (and daily featured) animation: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/683227
The animation plays about 20 years before the game ;)

This game is actually my very first game. I've created it in flash.

If you like it, don't hesitate to support my work via patreon:

Thanks for playing!

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Game play is pretty violent, so are most characters. I was glad that there was another to find some money for Clubber than killing an innocent kid. I didn't expect the angry woman would help. Ending was somewhat awkward. Did Clubber or the main character get eaten? :|

This was really atmospheric and cool. Use of music was great and so were the dialogues and art. The world created in this tale is really gloomy and interesting.
A bit too short trough. If you made it longer the base score would be five, but for a short quality piece the base score i want to give is four. Now there are tho more things that cost half a star each:

- Assuming everyone has read or seen Harry Potter. Some people dislike that shit you know.
- Game gave me hopes for multiple endings based on moral choice of killing or not killing the boy. But it turned out that no matter what you do ending was the same. Almost everywhere the different dialogue options were meaningless, except the Harry Potter situation. This game had many possibilities of being non linear, but choose to ignore them. Sad.

There is also the problem with sticking action buttons, but I am not going to reduce score lower then this because it isn't that bad and this game is really good otherwise.

So final score 3 stars.

However this series based on this world has potential. If the second episode is longer and has some unlinearity I see it easily becoming one of best browser adventure games ever.

Joenu responds:

Your wish is my command;) https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/700893
Thanks a lot for your feedback! I put again a lot of effort in the game, eliminated all the bugs (hopefully) and added more choices and endings. Only the Harry Potter stuff I couldn't kick out because it's a big (and growing) part of the story... Sorry for that :P

Wasn't expecting to need my Harry Potter trivia at the ready.

Both aesthetically and narratively you've peaked my interest. I'm curious to see what happens in EP.2, especially once I take another run through to see what else this game has to offer with it's story paths.

Can i get some hints? Don't know what to do in sewers.

Joenu responds:

Talk to the cultist and get your harry potter trivia ready;)

Save for the bugs, it's pretty dope. And you owe Exit/Corners for me playing this. Previously I always avoided story games, but now I'm totally into them.

Joenu responds:

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it:)