Stuff You can do Instead of That

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Here we address a very faecal matter

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why are you using the music from men behaving badly?

AcidX responds:

Found it on 4cats page when I'd basically finished this and it fitted so perfectly ... Also good to pay homage to the classics ;D

I can't believe I've been doing it wrong all of these years, my life has been a lie. As silly as this was the animation was actually pretty nice, so kudos to you on that one.

AcidX responds:

Why thank you good sir. It started as a deliberately sh*tty side project but then kind of took over and I put way more effort into it than planned. Glad it paid off.

Interesting. Tell me more.

AcidX responds:

This guy will be back with more instructional videos in the future.

What the hell did I just saw 0_0

AcidX responds:

It's a simple easy five step how-to guide for improving your life and bring you greatest happiness forever and ever and lots of success