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Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal all live in a Nursing Home, but that doesn't stop their wild imaginations.

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Written by Eric Moneypenny

Kermit - Nick Gligor
Miss Piggy - Mark Royer
Fozzie Bear - Bobby Ramos
Animal - Matt Harbet
Rowlf - Ben Wickham
Bunsen - Rama Vallury
Beaker - Katie Molinaro
Nanny - Elizabeth Hayhurst

Animated by 1881 Animations

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Jesus Christ I laughed so friggin hard at this!!!! I mean, tears! REAL TEARS!
I need this show in my life. If you need writers, inbox me. This is right up my satirical alley.


That was actually really good! You did an amazing job with voice acting, especially Miss Piggy. She sounds interesting. Bunsen is really cool too. I found Miss Piggy's death scene kinda funny. My only complaint about the video is a joke in which Fozzie asks Kermit and Miss Piggy "Who's blue and has alzheimers?" to claim that this one is Gonzo. Otherwise, a great parody of Muppets.

This is Muppet Babies........of the future!!!!

This made me laugh a bit more than it should have... Heh

I would write a detailed and helpful review about why I didn't like it, but VicariousE already did that and you clearly can't handle constructive criticism.

I'll just give you a *sad wet fart noise* instead.

thisisaok responds:

Sad wet fart right back at ya!