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Pmation: "Fire Straits"

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“Fire Straits” (Pencilmation #123)
Directed by Ross Bollinger
Animated by Joshua Palmer
Music by Brendan Cooney
Sound Design by Brandon Gentry
Voices by Oswald Garrington
Compositing by Francis Florencio
With Assistance from Arif Çetiner
Assistant Production by Cameron Jones

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Rating: E (straight violence)

I love all of your animations

Nice animation

And with these you always seem to have some nice animation, some nice voices in this one too, you make these so simple and entertaining pieces of fun and entertainment and thats always a great thing, so I had the pleasure of enjoying this lil animation of yours. I really liked the effort you put in this one, so awsome job indeed, and once again great job on the effort here, It was a pretty good piece and I found it delightful and randomly amusing so awsome job and keep up the good work.

Nothing here as this was just perfect maybe if anything longer with more content.


So this is where red and blue came into the picture! :D And with voice acting too! It's like they were entirely different characters back then though... and the random fire on Blue's head? Guess that might've been why he turned into the kind of guy he turned into later on! Grumpy, bitter; overall not all that happy with life... it seems.

Does explain his consistent dislike in future episodes! And I do hope the Blue guy managed to put out that fire... good stuff, though I do like the ones with conclusive puns a bit better.