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The Interior Decorating Song

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No puppets in this one BUT there is a sequel in the works that's much more involved and much more dark. As if a fat reptilian dictator murdering cartoon characters and making them into furniture wasn't disgusting enough...

Music by Blaine Selkirk


Lyrics and everything else done by yours truly.


Interior, interior, dec-or-a-ting
adorning my home is quite captivating
I’m proud of my work because each furnishing
is made from cartoons I found irritating!

You may well find this infuriating
Despicable, vile and aggravating
But to me its simply intoxicating
the craftsmanship is quite fascinating

(He once took a class in toon taxiderming!)

One day I went camping, but things were too calm
So I went out in the woods and I shot Bambi's mom!
They all cried like babies but I didn't care,
I just needed something to upholster my chair!

My guests tend to ask me "what time is it?"
So I simply point them to my new wall unit,
The shelves are all made from parts of Finn and Jake,
And The clock on top was once Fiona and Cake!

(He used Marcy's remains to craft a new Rake!)

Those 3 Powerpuffs with those big old round eyes
They claimed that they always beat up the bad guys
And that they'd stop me before being tucked in their beds,
Now over my mattress is all 3 of their heads!

Then in my office, laid out on my floor
Is a carpet that was once the Kids Next Door
By the credenza I have five lamps that glow
Made of the remains of the Teen Titans Go!

(The lifeless remains of the Teen Titans Go!)

My sofa is made out of real Clarence hide
My sink was once Rigby and poor Mordecai
The chandelier's made from Foster and his Friends
And my bed sheets are stitched from the skin of Ben 10!

Each cartoon I crush does not go to waste
It's a mighty fine way to spruce up the place!
Why do I do it? I may never know.
I STILL don't know why I don't have my own show!

(He really does need his own TV show)

I have Dexters lab right behind my bookcase
Which I currently use for extra storage space!
The Crystal Gems popped by to visit one day
now I'm the owner of a gem studded bidet!

I have an armoire made of Anime bones
The Fairly Odd Parents make great Telephones!
My roof is Painted with little pony blood,
It's a wonder how I can afford all this crud.

(It's really expensive to own all this crud!)

...My house is chock full of trophies galore...
...A morbid museum, of cartoonish gore...
...I hope you've enjoyed, this treacherous tour...
...cuz next time your over there's sure to be more,

Cartoons a-wait-ing,
My home dec-or-a-ting!

(Adorning his house, as new furnishings!)

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Grunt is the only one I've who knows how to decorate properly.
Also, he deserves his own show. :D

that is so amazing! keep it up.

It would have been far too easy to bash Teen Titans Go or Steven Universe. It seems to be what all the cool kids are doing nowadays. And the Ponies have been getting ripped from the start,
The thing I love about this is that you covered all your bases. You got the whole lineup.

GruntVonVeizatun responds:

Generalissimo Grunt is free of all prejudice...he hates everyone equally. Thanks for noticing though, I intentionally included as many cartoons as possible to cover as much ground as I could.

I love it! One flaw I reckon though, what he did to the Kids Next Door looked far more gruesome than what he used Steven Universe and the Pony's for.

You need to save the best for last mate :-D

You get an automatic 5 Star from me for taking out Teen Titans Go.

GruntVonVeizatun responds:

It's the least I could do for humanity. Thanks!