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The Reno Cheater

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Comedian Adam Ray got cheated on in 2008, and finally found the melody to sing about it, with a hilarious cartoon to show you what happened.

Written by Adam Ray
Performed by Adam Ray & Avery Pearson
Music produced by Alfred Montejano
Animation by Tony Celano
Special thanks to Hollywood Improv


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I like madness to much

yOu'Re ThE bIgGeSt LiTtLe ShItTy CiTy In ThE wOrLd

I'm going through all your content right now. You're so consistent!

Classy filming, classy music, creative approach and glimpses of comedy to brighten up what sounds like a pretty sad story! Maybe this is the way we should all handle our shizzle. Can't help be bugged by the non-rhyming lines sometimes but overall: this was great.

Also gets me thinking of Jean Reno for some reason... you don't look totally unlike each other either.


Catchy song.
Good animation.