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RubberOnionBattle June 2017

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[UPDATE] Congrats to all the participants on earning a Daily 4th!

Anyone can participate! Check out the rules of the #RubberOnionBattle here

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I want to say I thought #3 was the best.. Collabs are pretty fun to watch the different animation styles

rubberonion responds:

This was really fun to do thanks for voting!

Only because the 3rd one was the best, for the rest, not bad try whit a lot of potential, but not my cup of tea. The animation, and randomnes of the art stiles was good, I liked that.

Though decision this month. As usual, high quality from Rob Yulfo (#2) and Elizabeth Honer (#5). Kudos also to produde123 (#6) and Eric Polley (#9), I wish I had five votes this time!

Since I don't, I go with Noumenus (#8) this time. His entry is mysterious, and I have the strong feeling that there is a whole fictional world behind this, we just steal a glance upon it.

rubberonion responds:

Yea I kept watching his trying decipher his world! Thanks for voting (=

I'll go with #9

rubberonion responds:

Thanks for voting!

Another great battle. I'm casting my vote for Produde123. A very strong entry from a new battler.

rubberonion responds:

yea he did a great job in his first entry thanks for voting!