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Careless Episode 1

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Food tastes better with friends.

**I made this animation in 6 hours over a span of two days. The animation is approximately a minute long and has a very soft and an innocent setting.

This animation is designed to be simple with a mild theme. **

As always, let me know what you think and if you see any potential I would appreciate a compliment or any support you would like to give. Thanks!

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This is pretty cute! While I do like the simplistic style you were going for, i would like to see this be at least a little bit more fleshed out. I think some more work in the character design would be nice. Backgrounds are a really big thing for me, and you don't really have any of that going on here. Anything is better than nothing, just some splashes of colour, or if you wanted to keep it black and white maybe just some little details to give it more of a setting. You definitely could have spent some more time on certain drawings; for example, the table doesn't look all that great. Also, for the animation style, I do like the sort of wobbly effect you achieve by having two different drawings of the characters alternating between each other, but I think it should be a little bit less extreme to make it easier to look at, and maybe include a few more different drawings and frames so it doesn't look quite so jumpy but does still create that effect. Finally, I think you could put a bit more work into sound effects, even if it's just simply using more sounds.
Like I said, I can definitely appreciate the style you were going for, so I put my vote this high out of principal, but I really do think it could be carried out a bit better. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

Demetrios responds:

Thank you for the time to type this out! I enjoyed making this animation and it seems we as viewers loved watching it! haha!

As for color, sounds and other great additions, I have a plan to bring them into the following episodes; with each and every episode it should slightly increase in quality. Stay tuned!

Thank you. :)


this is a really nice animation, with a cute story, its a nicely orchestrated film with a good FPS speed, fluid animation, nice linework, and good character designs, despite their (seeming) simplicity.

also, i love how nicely the character's face expressions and movements are drawn, while the cockroaches+the humanoid creature that tries to help them are really nice, cute and cool characters to observe!
question: did you used mostly FBF, or tweens?
and what was your FPS speed?

all in all, this was a really nice, innocent, and cute movie, with beautiful, fluid animation, with good speed and a nice setting in general, while its design+style remained unique and charming.
great work my friend!
i see lots of potential in you, so keep practising and you will become (even) better!
keep up the great work!

Demetrios responds:

Thank you for your kind words! I really enjoyed making this animation and plan on making several to follow up with. Keep on the look out! ^_^

Even though I do not respond immediately due to work and school, I read every single one of your replies. :)

As to answer your questions: I have used FBF this entire episode with 12FPS.

Thank you again! To hear how much you enjoy viewing is great motivation for me to make more animations!

Always continue to be an amazing person! :)